The Evangeline Parish Library Board of Control is seeking a new Library Director to replace its retiring Director. The Director reports to the Library Board of Control and is responsible for all areas of library management for the main library and five branches, including planning, policy recommendation and implementation, personnel management, budget and finances, collection management, technology, community outreach, and facilities maintenance.

  • Salary: $55,000 to $65,000, dependent on education and experience. ALA accredited MLS/MLIS strongly preferred; current MLS/MLIS students will be considered.
  • Experience: At least two years of public library administrative/supervisory experience OR two years of comparable relevant experience in other institutions required OR comparable administrative education (e.g. B.S. minor or major in Business Administration, MBA, MPA). Some accounting/finance college level education or comparable relevant experience required.
  • Travel: Some travel required, both within and outside of the parish, plus representation of library at some weekend and evening events.
  • Availability: Must be available to deal with/coordinate responses to emergency situations on short notice.
  • Communication: Strong written, verbal, organizational, and analytical skills necessary. Must be able to work and communicate effectively in writing and speech with Board members, employees, the public, and representatives of parish government.
  • Customer Service: Previous customer service experience or equivalent highly desirable.
  • Deadline: Feb. 28, 2022 is the deadline for Search Committee to receive applications, plus college transcripts and contact information for three professional references. Satisfactory criminal background check and drug test are required conditions for employment. Anticipated start date for the position is April 4, 2022. Send resume to Director Yvonne Lavergne @ 916 W. Main St., Ville Platte, LA  70586 or email the same to



The Evangeline Parish Library Director has charge of the administration of the library (main library and all branches) under the direction and review of the Evangeline Parish Library Board of Control, which is appointed by the Evangeline Parish Police Jury.  The Library Director is employed by the Board.


Under the direction and review of the Board, the Library Director is responsible for the operations of the library and the development and implementation of its service program, including:

  1. Assisting the Board with long-range planning and policy development and managing all library resources, including human resources;
  2. Organizing the acquisitions, access, storage, and control of the collections;
  3. Designing and implementing services and programs for patrons of all ages;
  4. Overseeing the maintenance and safety of the library buildings and grounds;
  5. Developing planning and budgeting for new facilities when required;
  6. Overseeing the main library’s genealogy and local history room, which serves as the genealogy center for the parish;
  8. Serving as the designated Records Officer for the library and managing the library’s records retention program under coordination with the State Archives;
  9. Serving as the financial officer for the library
  10. Coordinating interagency agreements and programs
  11. Coordinating the technology for the library, including its E-rate program

The Library Director hires, subject to Board ratification and approval, all staff, substitutes, and volunteers who work in the library system.

The Library Director is expected to be a member of the Louisiana Library Association and to subscribe to the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, the Freedom to View statements, and the Ethics Statement for Public Library Trustees.



  1. Serve as the Library’s chief executive officer.
  2. Implement the policies of the Library as established by the Board.
  3. Assist in the evaluation of current policies and draft revised or new policies for the Board’s consideration to deal with new challenges and issues, plus new procedures for implementing policy as needed.
  4. Prepare a draft of the annual library budget for Board discussion and approval; deliver approved budget(s) to Police Jury staff for inclusion in the Jury’s annual budget hearing and amendment process.
  5. Manage library operating funds according to established guidelines; maintain accurate and up-to-date records showing the status of library finances; go over bills monthly with the Board president or vice president; present an up-to-date financial report to the Board at every Board meeting.
  6. Balance the Library’s checkbook monthly.
  7. Recruit, select, hire, supervise, evaluate, and terminate if necessary, Library staff in conformity with library and parish policy and state and federal law.
  8. Work with Library Board president to prepare library board meeting agendas and necessary reports. Notify Board members of scheduled meetings.  Post agendas for meetings in buildings and on Library webpage at least 24 hours in advance of meetings.
  9. Attend meetings of the Board and prepare and submit a detailed Director’s Report to the Board at each meeting. Also present the Financial Report and any special reports that may be required.
  10. Working with administrative assistant, prepare draft minutes of the meetings, and post them on the Library’s website within two weeks after each meeting. Distribute draft minutes to all Board members also within two weeks after each meeting.
  11. Prepare and submit the Annual Report to the State Library by April 1st of each year.
  12. Work to capture all data for the Annual Report in a timely manner at the end of each year and ensure that data rollovers for patron and circulation statistical data occur correctly within the Library’s integrated library system at the end of each year.
  13. Do asset certification report for State Library each year and also any special reporting that may be required by the State Library.
  14. Attend State Library administrative conferences each year and take in person and webinar courses to maintain State Board of Library Examiners certification.
  15. Inform and advise the Library Board as to local, regional, state, and national developments in the library field, and work to maintain communication with other area libraries.
  16. Represent the library at meetings of the Libraries Southwest Consortium.
  17. Oversee staff scheduling and sign time cards for all staff, approve all leave, and ensure that staff leave totals are maintained and reported to the auditors at the Police Jury each year.
  18. Ensure that Director’s and Board Liability Insurance applications are completed each year promptly and accurately and that this insurance is maintained.


  1. Ensure that all Board members receive a Trustee Handbook, a copy of Standards for Louisiana Public Libraries, and a copy each year of the State Library’s statistical report for the preceding year. Remind Board members of their obligation to take the State of Louisiana’s ethics training each year.
  2. Ensure that all staff take the State of Louisiana’s ethics training each year and ensure that a file of completion certificates for this state required training is maintained.
  3. Encourage staff to take appropriate training webinars and Library Support Staff Certification courses.
  4. Develop opportunities for as many staff as possible to attend State Library Staff Day at least every other year.
  5. Develop opportunities for as many staff as possible to attend at least one day of Louisiana Library Association conference whenever feasible in terms of location, cost, and scheduling.
  6. Develop two in-house Training Days/Staff Workshops per year, one in the fall/winter and one in the Spring.
  7. Motivate and support staff in performing efficiently and creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the Library.
  8. Ensure that all staff are knowledgeable in Louisiana laws pertaining to library record confidentiality and that they comply with all applicable laws.


  1. Select, or direct the selection of, materials for all media and all age groups, based on the Library’s approved collection development policy.
  2. Catalog, or direct the cataloging of, all library materials according to accepted standards. (Through chief cataloger/assistant director and junior cataloger.)
  3. Ensure that the public catalog is maintained.
  4. Ensure that the Library’s obligations to the State Library’s Interlibrary Loan system, including quarterly MARC extractions, are fulfilled.
  5. Ensure that materials are processed to provide appeal, protection, and control.
  6. Periodically review the Collection Development Policy and make recommendations to the Library Board for revisions.
  7. Develop a process to evaluate material donations and determine their disposition.
  8. Ensure that the collection is effectively weeded on a regular basis.
  9. Oversee the shelving and organization of materials.
  10. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of patron registrations.


  1. Ensure that an array of service programs are developed and executed to address the various needs of patrons and to make the Library more accessible to all. These include, but are not limited to, adult book clubs, genealogy and local history programs, yearly Book Fest, Early Childhood programs for Head Start and day care groups, Teen book clubs, movie nights, Summer Reading Programs, and many other possibilities.  Be prepared to evaluate the relative success of programs and outreach methods, and be prepared to make changes/adjustments as needed.
  2. Ensure that Library Board has a report on Outreach activities at each Board meeting.
  3. Promote friendly and efficient service to patrons.
  4. Oversee the development of library promotional materials and signage.
  5. Oversee grant applications to enhance programming.
  6. Ensure that statistics on programs are kept for inclusion in Annual Report and for better evaluation of programs’ impact. Periodically ensure that surveys are taken regarding program participants and their level of satisfaction with programs offered.
  7. Continually investigate the value, costs, and logistics of adding library services, new media, and new technologies in order to keep the Library current and proactive in its service provision to the public and progressing toward the library’s service goals.
  8. Conduct ongoing evaluations of existing library programs, services, policies, and procedures, and submit recommendations for improvements to the Library Board.


  1. Oversee care and maintenance of the library buildings and grounds. (through Facilities Manager and branch managers)
  2. Oversee the work of custodial staff. (through Facilities Manager and branch managers)
  3. Regularly review building needs and advise the Board in its planning for future expansion or development.
  4. When expansion or development is required, work with the Board, the Police Jury, and the Parish Engineer to develop a plan within budget to deal with the issues involved.
  5. Oversee public use of Library facilities.
  6. Coordinate any emergency closures with the Board President or his/her designee.
  7. Develop a Disaster Plan for the Library and ensure that it is updated.
  8. Ensure that all emergency contact lists for the security system, the State Library, the 911 office, etc. are up to date.
  9. Ensure that key control is maintained and documented.
  10. Oversee public use of Library facilities.
  11. Ensure that Building Property and Liability Insurance is maintained for all facilities.
  12. Periodically evaluate building technology (security cameras, telephone systems, Internet and wireless access, lighting or heating issues, access issues, etc.) and recommend changes or additions as appropriate.
  13. Troubleshoot technology problems and issues.


  1. Be an active participant in Libraries Southwest Consortium and the development of the Consortium’s policies regarding the Consortium’s OverDrive Collection.
  2. Participate in Louisiana Library Association committees etc.
  3. Develop interagency agreements with Head Start, prisons, and other institutions as appropriate.
  4. Participate and/or encourage staff members to be judges in school fairs, participate in school reading events, provide outreach to school librarians, develop outreach to senior living communities, etc.
  5. Seek out opportunities to address civic groups, etc. regarding the Library’s programs and goals.
  6. Work closely with the Library’s 501c3 Friends of the Library group.
  7. Work closely with the Police Jury staff in tracking finances, bringing in new employees, etc.


  1. Be aware of the Library’s tax election schedule and be prepared to work closely with the Board, Friends group, the public, and especially the Police Jury when a tax election is two years away, etc.
  2. Track any insurance claims or other special issues.
  3. Report any thefts or other criminal activity immediately to the police and also to the District Attorney’s office.


The main library and all branches will be closed on Monday, January 17th, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. The mandate of requiring mask wearing and social distancing will be in force until further notice. These measures are for the safety of all. Additionally, all public programs at the main library and all branches remain cancelled for the month of January 2022. This list includes the Quilting Club, the Mystery Book Club, Medicare Educational Workshops, The Puzzle Club at Pine Prairie Branch Library the French Table and Story Hour at Basile Branch library.

With the chilly weather all around us, how about getting some good reads in! The following are new in each genre:Fiction: “Mercy” by David Baldacci, “Sins of a Cajun Boy” by local author Danny Singleton, “The Dark Hours” by Michael Connell, “A Peculiar Combination” by Ashley Weaver, “The Chaos Kind” by Barry Eisler, and “Under Color of Law” by Aaron Philip Clark.  Historical Fiction: “Travels with George – In Search of Washington and His Legacy” by Nathaniel Philbrick and the following books were donated by local author Christopher Fontenot, “The Acadian Prairie-Maius”, “The Acadian Prairie-Octave (generation 3)” and “The Acadian Prairie-Octave (generation 4)”.  Non-Fiction: “Immune-a Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive” by Philipp Dettmer, “Travels with George – In Search of Washington and His Legacy” by Nathaniel Philbrick, “Louisiana’s Capitols-The Power and the Beauty” by Philip Gould, and “Weird Louisiana” by Roger Manley.  Audio Books:Survive the Night by Katie Ruggle, The Mistake by K.L. Slater, In Search of Wisdom-Life Changing Truths in the book of Proverbs by Joyce Meyer, and Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah just to name a few! 

In order to keep our kids and teens engaged, our Brilliant Butterflies and Books & Beyond Teen Club facilitators will have cool “Take & Make” crafts available. And, our Facebook “Story Hour” will continue every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 8pm. Please share this special story hour with your little ones!

 For more information call the main library @ 337-363-1369 or email Visit our Facebook page for all upcoming events in addition to our webpage and never forget that libraries do change lives…. even in the cloud! Suzy Lemoine, Outreach Coordinator.

State Library Trustee Training Workshop @ 9:30

Presented by Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian and Jessica Styons, Associate State Librarian


I) Introductions

2) Power Point Presentation State Library of Louisiana Public Library Trustee Training

3) Review of handouts

4) Time for Q&A

5) Director Search discussion

The state mandate of requiring mask wearing and social distancing in public facilities will remain in force until further notice. Please understand that these measures are for the safety of all. Additionally, all public programs at the main library and all branches are cancelled for the month of January 2022.

In order to keep our kids and teens engaged, our Brilliant Butterflies and Books & Beyond Teen Club facilitators will have cool “Take & Make” crafts available. And, our Facebook “Story Hour” will continue every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 8pm. Please share this special story hour with your little ones!On a FUN note, the main library just received its first interactive GAME TABLE for all ages! The Infinity Game Table modernizes gameplay, taking play to the next level. A massive, ever expanding library of games and activities like Connect Four, Dominos, Dots & Boxes, Scrabble, Checkers, Chutes & Ladders, Chess, Guess Who?, and coloring & design programs to name a few! Also, music accompanies each game to make it even more fabulous!  Please visit and experience the fun of 21st century, interactive table top gamming! We will be setting up one in Pine Prairie too!
Thursday, January 13th, the Library Board of Control will meet at 9:30 am at the main library in Ville Platte for state library training. It will be followed by a Board meeting at noon which will be open to the public. Mask wearing and social distancing will be required.

EARLY NOTICE: The main library will be closed on Saturday, January 15th for a deep cleaning. The main library and all branches will be closed on January 17th to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

 For more information call the main library @ 337-363-1369 or email Visit our Facebook page for all upcoming events in addition to our webpage and never forget that libraries do change lives…. even in the cloud! Suzy Lemoine, Outreach Coordinator.

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