Two career-focused women swap hospitality jobs and chaos ensues in the jovial latest from Carlson (A Royal Christmas). Ginny Masters, the ambitious manager of a boutique luxury hotel in Seattle, is tired of meeting the last-minute demands of her high-strung boss, Diana. After a mix-up over wedding reception flowers sparks a spat between the two, Ginny informs Diana that she’s signed up on a job-swap website to switch places with the manager of a fishing lodge in Idaho. Jacqueline Potter has worked at her grandfather’s lodge for six years and is sick of its run-down facilities and frustrated by standoffish, “drop-dead gorgeous” fishing guide Ben Tanninger, whom she keeps trying (and failing) to attract. After the switch, things seem idyllic at first—Ginny revels in the town’s quiet, implements improvements to the lodge, and strikes up a flirty friendship-and-then-more with Ben, while Jacqueline sets her sights on Diana’s son, Adrian. But Jacqueline soon realizes she’s in over her head at the hotel, and she and Adrian work to lure Ginny back to big city. Ginny’s budding relationship is put at risk; Jacqueline must decide how hard she’s willing to work for her career; and both women draw on faith to decide where they belong.

And for our teen readers…

Ginny Blackstone never thought she’d spend her summer vacation backpacking across Europe. But that was before she received the first little blue envelope from Aunt Peg.

This letter was different from Peg’s usual letters for two reasons:

1. Peg had been dead for three months.

2. The letter included $1000 cash for a passport and a plane ticket.

Armed with instructions for how to retrieve twelve other letters Peg wrote–twelve letters that tell Ginny where she needs to go and what she needs to do when she gets there–Ginny quickly finds herself swept away in her first real adventure. Traveling from London to Edinburgh to Amsterdam and beyond, Ginny begins to uncover stories from her aunt’s past and discover who Peg really was. But the most surprising thing Ginny learns isn’t about Peg . . . it’s about herself.

Everything about Ginny will change this summer, and it’s all because of the 13 little blue envelopes.

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